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I’ll be back in a few days to tell you all about the fun things I’ve been working on. Today, however, I am taking a mini vaca… actually, I spent so much time in the garden that I’m too sore to sit and type. But in the next few days I’ll show you pictures of our project.

Love you…. go sign up to win and enjoy all the free reading.

My New Look!

If you’re here reading this then you must have noticed my new look. I love it.  I love the look and feel, and I love that no one else in the entire world has a site that looks like mine. Want to know why? Because I designed the header.

In fact, I’ve been doing more and more designing recently. My husband and I have even opened up a small business doing book covers called Cover Me. Yes, you can find us on Facebook.

In addition to book covers, I can also design all of your paper needs, such as stationary, bookmarks, or business cards. Below are my new business cards, the front is my author side and the back is Cover Me’s side…

BusinessCard copy

CMBusinessCard copy

In addition to the paper goods, I can also do matching or coordinating social media headers…



I’m really happy with these, and I love the artistic nature of designing. It’s creative, but completely different creative than writing… so rewarding…

Please, share your thoughts about the new look with me.



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I don’t know your name! I don’t know where you come from. I don’t anything about you. Have never spoken a single word and yet I am so intrigued by you. The tone of your skin. The muscles. The tats. The earrings. The lips. The eyes. I’m curious to know the timbre of your voice. The tenderness of your touch. The size of your package hidden just below the V of your button fly pants…

I don’t know your name, but I want to. I want to taste it in on my tongue. Take it from your lips.

Come here my Latin lover… be mine on this HUNKday!



Hi family, friends, and fans… welcome to my HUNKday Wednesday…. All about the hunks rather than the humps… well, actually, how about we put some hunks with the humps. That works for me. You? Ha, thought so.

Now I only need to decide which hunk I’m going to start licking on first! They’re all so delicious. Lawd knows I like some chocolate, from mocha latte to some dark chocolate… and those abs.. YUM… wanna know my favorite part of a man? Well, aside from the obvious, of course is that line of muscle that leads downward from his abs down his hip… and dips down toward the groin… mmm…. mmm… mmmm…. What’s your favorite part of a man?


Before going off to college, Danielle Clark had a summer fling with a guy she met at the state fair, where they both were working. Lured by his caring nature and charm, she gives up her virginity to him, seduced by a bag of cotton candy. That was ten years ago, and Dani’s done her best to forget the lingering pangs of first love and the carefree days of youth. Now, head of the state’s parks and recreational department, she’s charged with overseeing this years fair and making sure everything goes smoothly. And it does, until an accident at a roller-coaster lands her in the hospital. The man responsible? Jonah Reid, the same guy she secretly pines for, the very reason she avoids cotton candy–the fluffy stuff too much of a reminder of what they shared.  She gave it up to become an adult. But Jonah’s back now, wanting to make amends for the injury he caused, wanting to make up for lost time. With cotton candy, he attempts to seduce her again, show her life doesn’t have to be so serious. He wants to prove he’s the man for her–that by accepting cotton candy–him–she can also accept the softer, sweeter side of life and love.

Teaseman copy

Bad Tabby…..

BadTabbynew copy

Snippet of Bad Tabby… coming soon…

The song changed, the beats and rhythms overlapping slightly as one blended into the other. The bass bumped, my body picking up the tempo. Turning my attention back to my girls, I lifted a hand and waved. I didn’t give a damn that their lazy asses were giggling at me from their perches by the bar. And I didn’t give a damn if they made me dance all by myself.

They could sit there all night sipping on their chilled and sugar-rimmed glasses, gossiping and laughing. But I could only be still for so long before the music called me from my seat, summoned me to the floor, the lyrics unimportant compared to the rhythm, the tempo, the beat that heightened my pulse. Made my body ache to be sexed as good as whoever who’d laid down these tracks.

When the music made me feel this good, it didn’t matter that I was manless—for the moment. Shit, my ex-boyfriend couldn’t handle my long hours and thought I was more dedicated to work than him. He was telling the truth, so I kicked his ass to the curb. He wasn’t the one anyhow, so for now I was just fine dancing by myself. Since my heffa girlfriends would rather drink than join me.

I glanced in their direction at the bar. My girls lifted their glasses, giving me a silent salute. I smiled. Right now I was dancing. I’d move and sway like I was fucking. If my body needed more than that, I’d use a vibrator later. At home, in the bedside table, I had a drawer full to choose from, from glass to latex, from bunnies and bears, plugs and vibrators. I smiled. I didn’t need a man in my life when I had toys filled with Energizer batteries. A man should relieve stress, not be the cause of it.

Spell Of Varick….

Hmm… a paranormal historical erotic romance… by Renee Luke… say whhhhat! LOL…. not sure what I’m going to do with this story in the future, but for now, I’ll post the opener and let you enjoy…. something completely different by me…


He is dyingMay the Goddesses protect him.

Morrigan gulped a deep breath, exhaling slowly as she reached through the haze of thousands of miles-—through time. Pain tightened around her body, cut in against her ribs, crushed her lungs until they burned.  Fingering the leather pouch of runes, she closed her eyes and allowed her soul to drift from her body.  She trembled violently.  Had it not been for the rough bark of the ancient oak pressing into her back, she would have collapsed to the forest floor.

The shadowed grove disappeared.  The fresh sweet air scented with clover and newly blossomed wildflowers vanished, replaced by a rush of dry heat and the stench of death.  Morrigan staggered. Her knees going weak and folding beneath her, she settled on a patch of lush green grass at the base of the tree, though her spirit had left her body.

Gasping, the desert sand tore at her throat.  Harsh winds stung her eyes until tears flowed freely from them.

“Where are ye?” she whispered, searching the littering of bodies that covered the unforgiving earth.

Panicked that she would not find him in time, she spun around and came face to face with a kelpie—-a demon in the form of a man.  She saw the cold hard line of his jaw, beady black eyes, their rigid angry glint a glimpse at hell. His face evoked terror in Morrigan’s heart, a face she would never forget. Blood marred his hands, dripped like a crimson serpent off the silver of his sword.  He spoke callously to a smaller man beside him.

“He is as good as dead.  Leave him for the rats, vultures, and maggots to feast upon.” The demon spit upon the body lying crumpled at his feet, as he wiped his blade against his leggings.

Morrigan felt the words, as he would have felt them.  Varick, her future, her destiny. It had been many years since the Goddesses had given her such a powerful image, but she was clear in her absolute duty towards this man.  The Goddesses could not be swayed.

She could hear his thoughts, knew the man who had stabbed Varick was a ruthless traitor, whose voice rang vaguely familiar and whose face evoked stark terror.

Though she knew that the demon could not see her, she waited until he had turned his back and walked away before she knelt onto the hot sand beside the dying man. Morrigan knew she must save him, reach out and bring his spirit back from the depths of death.  She had only tried this one other time with her mother, but in the end her mother had died.  And it had taken Morrigan weeks to recover both physically and spiritually.

Gathering her courage, Morrigan drew a deep shaky breath, then placed her hands upon his shoulder, willing her powers to reach inside of him.  He lay face down, his cheek resting against the scorching sand, dirt mingling with the metallic scent of blood in his nostrils. He opened his mouth but the dusty wasteland of dry and forgotten earth caught in his throat, and any words he had attempted came out a raspy gurgle of blood.

Too weak to swallow, his mouth to gape open, blood and acidic bile dipped from his broken lips unto the merciless desert.  Morrigan glanced around them, afraid that the man who had stabbed him would come back to finish the job. She saw what he saw as Varick opened his eyes to the brilliance of the sun, an orange ball of fire that lingered upon the western horizon mocking him with the splendor of his final sunset.

Death? I welcome death, Varick thought. She was one with his thoughts.  She could feel his heartbeat slow as the warm thick fluid of life seeped from the gaping wound on his side. Flies were beginning to gather.

Thump-ump, thump-ump… thump-ump… …thump-ump.

Morrigan’s eyes drifted closed as she felt his pulse of life still.  His body gave up the fight and slipped into death—-the Otherworld, a fathomless pit of black where he felt nothing, not even the grasp of pain or the burn from his damaged flesh.  My ascent to hell.  ‘Tis justice for all the lives I have taken.  Death—-my destiny.

“Ye are wrong, Varick.  I am yer destiny,” Morrigan demanded as she sought his mind, capturing him and giving unto him the beat of her heart, the breath of life from her lungs, through the simple touch of her hand.  “Come with me,” she whispered into the black of nothingness where they both drifted.   She gathered his hand more tightly, intertwining their fingers. “Come with me.”

Surely there were no angels where he was going, yet the voice whispering a cool breeze across his face was as sweet as an apple blossom, as pleasing as memories of home.  Her touch was as soft as eastern silk. Varick opened his eyes.  The sun was still bright overhead, though long shadows danced across his face. Cool damp grass brushed against his cheek and smelled like a fresh spring rain, the earthy scent of forest and soothing zephyrs a stark contrast to the hot dry desert west of Jerusalem.

Varick rolled to his side, then sat up, noticing at once that the pain was gone; his clothing was clean and orderly.  Glancing around the grove of trees, he saw a figure beneath an ancient oak tree whose wide strong trunk and dark irregular bark thinned as it spread to sweeping branches and a rich canopy of leaves.

“Who are you?” he asked, scrabbling to his feet, his hand instinctively, going to his waist where his scabbard should have been strapped.  It was gone.  Puzzled, he lowered his gaze.  Many years had passed since he had been without a sword on his side.

“Ye are safe here.”

“What know you of my safety?  Am I dead?”

Morrigan pulled back, releasing Varick’s mind as her soul rejoined her own body.  She kept her head lowered, her gaze on the bag of runes, warm against her palm, for she was not ready to look upon the man whose future so intricately wound with hers.  Tired from her journey, she remained seated.  Once Varick had made his decision, she would seek her bed.  Her strength was depleted yet her soul was bursting with awareness only akin to excitement.

“Aiblins, but ye are dead only if ye choose not tae go back.  Ye can refuse the help I offer and go on tae the Otherworld if that be yer desire.”

“The Otherworld? Do you mean hell?”


Damn, it’s Wednesday evening… that means I missed HUNKday mostly… and since I’ve missed it, and disappointed all of you by not offering up some tasty lickable eye candy, I’m giving you a glimpse of my HUNK instead. My HUNKband aka my husband…



Isn’t he beautiful. I am a lucky woman and I strive everyday to show him how much I adore him.

If you have a HUNKband or man in your life, don’t forget to show him how much you appreciate him. I think that sometimes we forget the importance of that. We get busy. Life happens. House, cars, jobs, dreams, kids, dogs…. responsibilities… sometimes they get the better of us and we are just thankful to fall into our beds at night…. sometimes without so much as a good night kiss… without an I love you.

Don’t let it happen to you. Keep your love and relationship fresh by doing just the little things that make each other feel special. It’s not the big gestures that matter in the end… how huge the rock on your finger, the number of roses in the arrangement, the number of candles on the dinner table… sometimes all you need is a touch… a simple stroke to his skin. A light kiss to his lips. Quietly said thank yous…. and plenty of I love yous….

I could make a list a mile long of the little gestures that help each other’s lives out… and it’s those little things that are acts of love and so much more important than the words…

So, even though I show you every day, baby, I’ll say it, too. I love you.

Needing It

NeedingIt copy

12:43 AM

Mya groaned and dropped her phone on the smooth cotton sheets beside her. She’d checked the time, and confirmed her alarm was set, every fifteen minutes for the last couple of hours, but being assured she’d wake up on time wasn’t doing a damn thing to ease her into sleep. Closing her eyes, she took a few deep, measured breaths and tried to slow her heart rate, to create some sense of calm, to relax against the building anxiety of what loomed early in the morning.

She’d made a promise.

Swallowing past the lump in her throat, Mya ignored the pang in her heart, her entire future resting on her ability to be sharp and on top of her game. If she didn’t fall asleep soon, the only thing she could look forward to was puffy eyes and an Ambien hang-over.

Nothing was working. Not the ceiling fan on full blast, not stripping off her t-shirt to lay naked beneath the swirl of wind, not the old swamp-cooler that created more humidity than heat relief. No, not even the shot of Hennessy or the second shot she’d used to wash down an Ambien sleeping pill.

Mya stared at the fan spinning above her, the room awash with milky moonlight despite the flimsy lace curtains being pulled closed. Grabbing her cell, she glanced at the time. Again. Nothing had changed except a single minute had ticked off.

“Shit,” she whispered, smoothing the hair back from her face, her curls clinging desperately to the beads of sweat on her brow. Her body ached like the onset of the flu, but what she ached for had nothing to do with a virus and everything to do with sexual tension and need. It  kept her tossing and turning rather than peacefully in dreamland.

A good dick-down did the trick better than booze and pills, she reasoned. Tucking her bottom lip between her teeth, she picked up her phone and started scrolling through her contacts.

Kenneth… he’d always been the perfect booty-call; single, sexy, nice package equipped, ability adept. And best yet, he’d always been available, just a phone call away. Not that he’d been a call she’d made in a while. Hell, these project proposals had kept her so busy the last few months sex had been put on a back burner. Until tonight. Sex would work when ceiling fans, booze, and Ambien couldn’t.

Finding his name, she touched the call button and smiled when she heard the phone begin to ring.

“Yeah?” The voice was rich, deep, and husky from sleep.

She whispered through her smile. “Come over, baby. I need you tonight.”

There was a pause, silence drumming in her ears.

“Yeah?” He cleared his throat. “Yeah, who is this?”


Want to read more?